Accelerated Reader & Accelerated Math Guidelines
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Friday, September 04, 2015

The AR/AM committee along with Mr. Tipton have reviewed the guidelines for Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math.  Prizes are given as points are earned. Accelerated Math is done in the computer lab and classroom.  There is a Home Connect. If you would be interested accessing this site contact your child’s teacher.  They would be able to do practices, but the tests are completed at school.   

The teacher will assign book levels for AR.  The student may only read on that level unless otherwise approved.  The purpose of AR is to improve student reading skills.  The student is to read the majority of any AR book independently.  Watching a movie or listening to a book on tape is not meeting these guidelines. The end of the year trip is based on total points and averages in each subject.  Please encourage your child to read daily.  Thanks for your help and cooperation.

   Guidelines for the end of the year trip  (test average must be 80% or higher)

     AR                                                                                      AM

2nd grade   60 pts                                                    50 pts

3rd-4th grade 60 pts                                                75 pts

5th grade  55 pts                                                      75 pts

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